I have been making and selling jewelry for 18 years. Most of my work
is wire wrapping semiprecious stones and beads, lampwork glass bead
making, and metalwork. Techniques I use have been learned from books,
videos, working with other artists, and years of experimentation.

My jewelry has delicate details in glass, wire and metal. I am inspired
by movements and shapes and love to allow the centerpiece to dictate
the shapes and interactions with the rest of the piece.

I am fascinated with glass in all its forms. My lampwork glass work
is done with a propane/oxygen torch, and kiln annealed. I also fuse
glass pieces, slump glass into molds, incorporate enamel, frit, and
foils into pieces. I presently use 4 different types of glass: moretti
bead glass, spectrum, fusing, and pyrex.

My metalwork begins with basic ingredients: various sizes and shapes
of wire, bezel wire, flat sheet, saws, files, and soldering equipment.
I have done the most work in wire wrapping, shaping, braiding, weaving,
and twisting wires together to produce complex wire for filigree.


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