Handspun, handknit dog sweaters!

Buddy models the new dog sweater

I have knit dog sweaters for all of my dogs, and have been thinking of making them to sell for a long time.  I also have a lot of yarn that I have spun over the years from my friend Cathe’s Leicester Longwool sheep, which are a critically  rare breed.

Leicester Longwool Lamb

The wool has a lovely luster and is so wonderful to spin.  It is a bit coarse, so it doesn’t work well for next-to-skin items like hats and scarves.  But! Dogs don’t find it itchy at all.  So, I thought this would be a great, hard-wearing, wonderful yarn for dog coats.

I also wanted to spin and knit the accent yarn with dog hair, preferably a big dog, to make tiny dogs feel big and brave!  Cathe has the perfect dog who guards her sheep, Emma.



Emma is a gentle giant of a dog, a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian dog who was rescued and now happily guards the sheep at Seven Sisters Farm.

So, I spun a bit of Emma dog hair, and started the design process.  I have a wonderful Toy Manchester Terrier named Buddy.  He is such a sweet dog, and they are very thin and long, so a standard dog sweater didn’t fit very well.


I started designing, measuring, and trying the work in progress sweaters on Buddy.  He didn’t really like being measured, but sure did like trying on the sweaters!  After 5 designs with little adjustments here and there, I am now making the sweaters for small dogs.

My sweaters standard measurements are:  10″ around the neck, 17″ around the rib cage, and 12-15″ along the back.  I find that most commercial dog sweaters are somewhat short on the back, so I make mine longer.  I also adjust  the length of the underside of the sweater for male or female dogs.  I sure don’t want my male dog peeing on his coat, and neither do you!

So, that is the story.  You can send me a message, talk to me about measurements, and put in an order.  At this time, I will only be making small sweaters.  The price is $55.  These do take some time to make, but I will do my best to send them quickly.




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